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    Perth Freediving Courses


    ABOUT your training


    Created by the world’s top competitive freedivers, and built upon by half a century of dedicated medical research, the not-for-profit organisation AIDA International has put the safety, education and training of our underwater community as its top priority. Holding the highest recreational standards for both students and instructors, potential students can be assured that their training will be the most comprehensive and detailed on the market.

    At Adreno, our community’s safety comes first, so we are proud to partner with The Underwater Academy to offer the following freediving and spearfishing courses:


    Sydney Freediving Courses




    The Underwater Academy offers AIDA certified tuition through personalised one, three and four day courses. If you are new to the water, or already an experienced diver, our professional freedive instructors guide you step by step toward your own personal goals.

    We offer AIDA 1, 2, and 3 level courses.



    AIDA 1

    1 Day AIDA Course - Introduction course (1 Day, 10m)

    The AIDA 1* course is designed as a fun, one day introduction to freediving. If you have ever wanted a taste of what it is like to snorkel below the surface, to dive down and meet the marine life on their level, then this one day course can help you do it! The course teaches the basics of breath-hold and breath-hold diving, focusing on technique and aquaticity. Students familiarise themselves with anatomy and physiology before trying their hand at apnea techniques. Students are guided during an open ocean session to swim to depth, focusing on correct 'duckdive' and equalisation techniques.

    The day is run in a very relaxed style, with small classes in a "hands on" style. You are offered plenty of guidance, with the focus on a fun experience rather than specific training objectives.

    THE COURSE: Meet at Adreno 9:00am for Theory, followed by pool session. 12:00pm – 1:00pm lunch break before open ocean session held at location based on conditions (Rockingham or Swan River), 5:00pm finish.

    WHAT TO BRING: Mask, fins, towel and wetsuit

    COST: $295


    AIDA 2

    AIDA 2 - Comprehensive course (2.5 Day, 20m - no pre-requisite)

    The AIDA 2 program forms the structural framework for all breath-hold diving. Whether you are a complete beginner, wanting to know how to ‘snorkel a bit deeper;’ or a more experienced diver wanting to develop the correct skills to keep progressing, the course focuses on creating safe and accurate technique.

    Rather than “chasing numbers,” the three day instructional guides you through the theory and practice of breath hold, correct finning and hydrodynamic positioning, relaxation techniques, equalisation and a thorough understanding of physiology. During the open ocean sessions, students are exposed to a variety of freediving disciplines, the preparation for each dive, and techniques for safety and rescue.

    The classes are small and intimate, so one on one time with the instructor is maximised. The course does include a few challenges for successful completion including a 40m DYN “distance swim,” a 16-20m CWT “deep dive” and a 2min static “stationary breath-hold.”  These are fun targets, and the program guides you through the necessary techniques to achieve and eventually exceed these.

    What you learn:

    • Basic physiology of freediving
    • Advanced breath-hold and relaxation techniques for static apnea
    • Buddying for static and dynamic apnea
    • Correct hydrodynamic finning for DYN and CWT diving
    • Rescue and recovery for DYN and CWT diving
    • Efficient equalisation and duckdiving for CWT and FIM freediving disciplines
    • Safety and buddying while line training 

    What to bring?

    - You will need a wetsuit appropriate for current temperatures

    - Mask, snorkel and towel

    - Fins (freedive fins not necessary but make things a little easier)

    - Weight belt if you have one, if not, weights and belt provided

    - Some determination, enthusiasm, laughter and a few good stories


    • Day 1: 5pm – 9:45pm Adreno for classroom exercises followed by a pool session at the Pool.
    • Day 2: 9:00am – 4:30pm Dive site based on conditions, some theory work, followed by a confined water session, lunch break and then open ocean session.
    • Day 3: 9:00am – 4:30pm Dive site based on conditions, and will incorporate two ocean sessions before completing the theory exam at the end of day.

    COST:  $600

    WHAT TO BRING:  Mask, Fins, Wetsuit, Weight-belt if you have one


    AIDA 3

    Freediving, Sydney, Australia, training Freedive, breath-hold, learn to Freedive, 

    AIDA 3 - Advanced course (4 Day, 30m – AIDA 2 or equivalent pre-requisite)

    Candidates for the 3* course must have completed an AIDA 2* course or recognised equivalent and have maintained freediving fitness allowing for the progression to the 3* level. The course is taught over four days, focusing on deep safety and progressive freedive training. Candidates are guided through a 28-30m CWT, 3minute static and 60m DYN with appropriate techniques to achieve these performances. Students are introduced to freediving with a lanyard, CO2 v O2 based training and ways of incorporating these into a dive fitness regime. This course challenges aspects of your mental fortitude as we push boundaries under considerable pressures. 

    COST:  $750

    WHAT TO BRING:  Mask, Fins, Wetsuit, weightbelt – lanyard provided

    Please contact us via the form for dates and schedule.


    AIDA 4

    Freediving, Sydney, Australia, training Freedive, breath-hold, learn to Freedive, 

    AIDA 4 – Assistant Instructor course (5 Day, 40m course – AIDA 3 or equivalent pre-requisite)

    COST:  $850

    WHAT TO BRING:  Mask, Fins, Wetsuit, weight belt – lanyard provided 

    Please contact us via the form for dates and schedule.




    The Underwater Academy has its head-quarters nestled within the walls of Adreno diving warehouse; 678 Botany road Alexandria. From here, we have access to classroom facilities, and a nearby 24hour heated pool.

    Although we love the comforting surrounds of the Adreno building, we are also highly mobile, and can move locations to suit group bookings from further afield. Familiar with the greater Sydney coastline, we have run programs as far south as Mollymook and as far North as Lizard Island FNQ, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands. Needless to say, where there is water and will-power there's a way to get new divers underwater.